How To Start A Video Blog


internet logs, typically known as “blogs,” got here into the mainstream about 2 years in the past.

no longer absolutely a newsletter or conventional html page publishing, blogs resemble greater of an internet-primarily based diary wherein the author records their mind, posts links, or responds to questions.

to begin with, blogs contained handiest text and snap shots, however then came “audio blogging,” which includes the use of audio on a blog.

audio running a blog additionally gets referred to as “podcasting” due to the capability to permit people with ipods and different portable mp3 players down load your mp3 audio.

the handiest shape of video running a blog, or “vlogging,” means setting a video file online, linking to it out of your weblog, and all people subscribing on your rss feed (mechanically created via your blogging software) gets notified about your new video.

they could then open up your ultra-modern blog post in their “feed reader” and examine your video with the aid of clicking the hyperlink.

extra advanced types of video blogging include getting your “vlog” universal by using apple’s itunes so their subscribers can find and join your vlog (which gives you get right of entry to to 19 million users at ultimate matter).

vloggers use a ramification of video file sorts (like windows media, quicktime, real media, and mpeg) and there may be no restrict on which report kind you operate to be taken into consideration a “vlog.”

however, report sorts stand above the rest in case you need to reach the widest feasible audience.

for video podcasting, you have to put up in either the flv (flash video) or swf (shockwave flash) record formats in case you want humans on both mac and computer to view your video documents.

flv is better applicable for full movement video, however they both work on smaller period video documents.

for video podcasting, you have to submit inside the mpeg4 report layout or apple’s proprietary model of that layout called m4v.

apple’s quicktime pro software program charges the best and easiest way to convert your video files to the proper video podcasting layout.

to create a simple “vlog,” you need the following list of device and software: an internet cam or virtual camcorder; a microphone, production software program; a blog; an rss feed to “syndicate” your content material.

a webcam will paintings for a basic vlog, though a digital video digicam will create a lot higher outcomes because they incorporate higher optics.

using a separate microphone rather than the microphone built into your web cam or camcorder will even produce a miles better sound pleasant.

after you shoot your video you need to produce it to display at the internet. at a minimal, in case your computer operates with windows xp, you could use the home windows movie maker software that comes free with xp.

although you can’t save as an flv or swf, you can keep as a home windows media file (wmv) to get you began.

for a blog, you could use the free carrier. to create a feed to syndicate your web page, you can use the loose service at

though audio running a blog acquired mediocre acceptance from the mainstream net audience, “vlogging” ought to do extraordinarily nicely without a doubt due to our fascination with shifting pics.

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