Re-Purposing Leftovers


most recipes are geared to servings for 6 or so, and for the ones who have much less than that, or have choosy kids, leftovers are an issue. what do you do with the leftovers? persnickety won’t eat them. make it into some thing which you like, some thing you could recycle! the persnicketys of the sector do not like leftovers. they have to be disguised, and the exceptional manner is to plan your menu.

-do not have stew the first night time of the week, have tacos. the next day it is able to become taco soup with leftover corn, canned tomato, chopped onions. cooked shrimp will become shrimp scampi the following night time, and if that doesn’t do it, make a shrimp stew with cream of potato and cream of shrimp, in conjunction with a few 1/2 and half, garlic, and pink pepper.

-leftover corn, inexperienced beans, noodles, squash? vegetable soup. keep some chook inventory around, and stock your kitchen with basics like cream of mushroom and chopped or diced tomato. the noodles can turn out to be soup with carrots and celery or another noodle salad with your extra meat leftovers. the uncooked carrots end up sauted carrots and later boiled carrots after which salad. the roasted veggies can be lunch tomorrow!

-in case you prepare two times the amount of noodles or vegetables, you can make soup or pasta later within the week. greater rice? make pudding, breads, meatballs. count on barbecue and sandwiches out of pot roast.

-make certain you keep leftovers nicely. glass is quality-not anything leaks into your food and you could see thru it. use sandwich baggage and freezer bags! label and date, usually, otherwise you come to be with frozen lumps of thriller. take the challenge to devour leftovers as a minimum once per week.

-do you % a lunch for your self, the spouse, or the youngsters? flip dinner into lunch. its a manner to eat wholesome all week, and devour well. cheese crackers be gone! bitter cream, salsa, and shredded cheese can solve, conceal, or remodel many leftovers.

-make vegetable soup or stew from those vegetables that have been a side dish. maintain your vegetable scraps! a totally easy and easy manner is to puree with broth or half and half. voila! add croutons or shredded cheese and you have an instantaneous meal. any other manner to use those scraps it to feature to a freezer bag, and keep adding. when the bag is full, dump it in a pot. instantaneous soup, just upload broth and diced tomato. rather, you can boil in broth and stress for vegetable stock.

-stale bread will become french toast, croutons, stuffing, or bread to dip in a herbed olive oil.

-you could always upload those scraps to lettuce and make a salad together with your preferred dressing.

everything has a solution and might come to be something new-it simply takes a little concept and enterprise.


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